West of Eden

When dinosaurs ruled the EarthIn this brilliant, acclaimed novel they still do The cosmic catastrophe that ended the Age of the Dinosaurs 65 million years ago in the world we know never happened The evolution of the great reptiles continued, climaxing with the Yilan , the most intelligent and advanced race on Earth But when the onset of a new Ice Age forces them to cWhen dinosaurs ruled the EarthIn this brilliant, acclaimed novel they still do The cosmic catastrophe that ended the Age of the Dinosaurs 65 million years ago in the world we know never happened The evolution of the great reptiles continued, climaxing with the Yilan , the most intelligent and advanced race on Earth But when the onset of a new Ice Age forces them to cross the ocean to explore and colonize a vast, strange continent, they clash violently with a savage breed of mammal that walk erect, hunt and use crude stone tools and weaponsWest of Edenis Harry Harrison s greatest feat of imaginative story telling This epic tale of the titanic clash of two vastly different cultures sweeps the read along on a hurricane force ride of total excitement.Full of wonder, an incredible novelWest of Eden is perhaps the most fully realized, most real fantasy experience ever written It is truly an epic StarlogAn epic science fantasy in the tradition of The Clan of the Cave BearGreat escape reading PlayboyBrillianta hell of a gripping story Philip Jos FarmerFascinating could so easily have happened Patrick MooreThe Blockbuster of the season PunchCover Illustration Gino D Achille
West of Eden When dinosaurs ruled the EarthIn this brilliant acclaimed novel they still do The cosmic catastrophe that ended the Age of the Dinosaurs million years ago in the world we know never happened The e

  • Title: West of Eden
  • Author: Harry Harrison Bill Sanderson
  • ISBN: 9780586057810
  • Page: 332
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. If you've been searching for ages for a book where someone has sex with a dinosaur, then look no further. You've found it.

    2. John Steinbeck's East of Eden is one of my all-time favorite novels, the late great Harry Harrison’s West of Eden is another one. So whether you choose to go east or west of Eden you would be on to a very good thing in either direction.The following paragraph is lifted entirely from :“In the parallel universe of this novel, Earth was not struck by an asteroid 65 million years before the present. Consequently, the Cretaceous–Paleogene extinction event which wiped out the dinosaurs and other [...]

    3. Whoa, what a ride! Here are some quick & random points:1. Amazing portrayal of Yileni culture and advanced biotechnology. Very vivid and creative. 2. Vast differences of Tanu (humans) and the Yileni (reptiles) made the extreme xenophobia of both species very much understandable. Solid Othering on both sides.3. Rampant anthropocentrism even though there was no right or wrong side. I could even argue that it was the human who started it all. Yet the book sided with them. Not exactly disagreeab [...]

    4. (review in English below)Este é um incrível livro de aventuras que mistura pré-história com ficção científica!Gostei mais da primeira parte (a vida de Kerrick entre as Yilané) do que da segunda (a guerra entre os Tanu e as Yilané), mas vale seguramente as 4 estrelas, pela imaginação do autor e pelo desafio aos conceitos estabelecidos, que competem no mesmo nível com os melhores autores de ficção científica.Recomendo vivamente, a toda a gente a partir dos 16 anos.This is an incredi [...]

    5. Harrison has created a stunning ‘what-if’ scenario – what if the dinosaurs had not become extinct, but had gone on over millions of years to create a civilisation based on bioengineering? Sounds a trifle far-fetched, but just think how far mankind has come in just a few thousand years: what might another enterprising species not have done, given an extra seventy million?The great brontosaurs, theropods and ceratopsians are still there, but they are small-brained and are hunted and herded b [...]

    6. I was at a science fiction bookstore back in the 80s shooting the bull with a few people. This included a well known science fiction writer who will remain nameless. Someone mentioned West of Eden by Harry Harrison which recently came out and asked if anyone liked it. The SF writer said "I read it. This is how Harrison came up with the idea", then proceeded to imitate a man pulling something from his ass.I didn't think it was all that bad but it isn't up to Harrison's best. In style, Harry Ediso [...]

    7. This series is one of the best, if not THE best, series I've ever read. Am currently rereading it after 20 years!

    8. Quando peguei neste livro, para o começar a ler, confesso que tinha alguma expectativa e curiosidade. No entanto, nada previa que se tornasse num dos livros mais fantásticos que li nos últimos tempos.Resumidamente pode-se dizer que “A Oeste do Éden” conta-nos a história de um rapaz, Kerrick, pertencente a uma tribo de nómadas e que vê o seu sammad (grupo de pessoas que vivem em comunidade) ser totalmente destruído por uma raça desconhecida e que fazem dele seu prisioneiro, aos 8 ano [...]

    9. You know those books that stay with you long after the cover closes? The ideas float around in your head, images rattle in your brain for days, weeks even. Well, for me, this was one of those books. The kind of books that puts the science back in sci-fi. Do you like dinosaurs, alternate history, Clan of the Cave Bear paleolithic kinda kinky stuff? Well, this book has all of that, and more; an entire appendix chock full of zoology and cultural anthropology and even a description of two entirely t [...]

    10. Look, I'm not going to pretend that this series is going to change your life or that it's a great contribution to the literary canon. The prose is serviceable andat's about it. But that's okay, because this is plot- and scenario-based writing, and I think it works. The premise is pretty simple: what if dinosaurs had never gone extinct, but instead continued to evolve, with one particular species, the Yilane becoming as intelligent as the humans living just north of them? Now imagine that the com [...]

    11. West of Eden takes place on an alternate Earth timeline where the K-T meteor event never took place and thus never wiped out the dinosaurs, paving the way for a race of mosasaurs (marine lizards) to evolve into a sentient species with some pretty cool biotechnology at about the same time humans reach the cusp of their neolithic revolution. However, the Yilanè and humans are extremely hostile to one another and unrelentingly seek to annihilate each other. The main character is a boy who is captu [...]

    12. What if dinosaurs survived the disaster that had wiped every single one of them out? This book imagines that the reptiles have developed a human-like nature and have excelled in bioengineering and that the humans are just appearing on Earth. The dinosaurs, who now call themselves Yilane, are out to kill the spear-wielding humans in an attempt to conquer the Earth. The humans are at a disadvantage with their primitive technology and a human boy named Kerrick is captured by the Yilane. Over the ye [...]

    13. i gave this book 5 stars because even though it is science fiction, i still remember it after many, many years

    14. "Chalufuf had to spend extra time toiling at the Fufulofar, since his gedezah Nerahdu was in the Yulah talking with the Bedzoh of Henani. The Bedzoh was a kindly Gehufahrt, but many of Nerahdu's volehzahs were now spent in fefulon with the Bedzoh in his efforts to acquire additional Gubahs for his igulafaks."If the sentence above makes any sense, you might be ready for "West of Eden," a book in which Harry Harrison calls every single rabbit a smeerp. Just to double your pleasure, he throws in no [...]

    15. Review originally posted here: alternatehistoryweeklyupdate.bThe 1980s were a great time for alternate history. I know some people give credit to Leinster, Moore and Dick for starting the alternate history genre, but if they started it, than the authors of the 1980s perfected it. This was an era were a new crop of writers were entering the speculative fiction genre with backgrounds in history, instead of science and engineering. They used their knowledge of the past to craft new works of science [...]

    16. Uma das marcas da má ficção científica é o tipo de história em que homens primitivos, boa parte deles com a fisionomia de actrizes blonde bombshell de filmes de série B, coexiste com dinossauros. A menos, claro, que estejamos a falar de histórias de viagem no tempo. Recordo-me de pelo menos uma, excepcional, de Ray Brabdury, onde a coexistência de homens e dinossauros em caçadas temporais vai provocar subtis mas determinadas alterações ao fluxo da história humana. Mas estou a divaga [...]

    17. This book is set in alternate universe where meteor impact that wiped out dinosaurs didn't happen. Dinosaurs then evolved and developed intelligence, building a complex society. However along them exist small number of dispersed humans. When Ice Age starts pushing both societies in different directions they collide with cathastrophic results. Both species share deep rooted hatred for each other and will do everything to wipe the other one out.Dinosaurs, or Yilane, shape the environment with gene [...]

    18. I can't remember when I read it, but I know I'll never forget it. The author created an alternate world, a different reality and his story line pulled you into it. I've read the complete trilogy at least 3 times just because I found it to be that interesting. Not only do you come away with new ideals that relate to our own political world in relation to ones own abilities to communicate effectively, you also come away with the knowledge that you have also learned and understand a completely diff [...]

    19. An alternate civilisation on earth based on the triumph of the reptile family and the extreme exploitation of biological rather than mechanical advances and engineering. An extremely well crafted work of fiction that explores and details events in the narrative but that also examines the psychological, emotional and social differences that would exist in societies with foundations so distinct from ours. In my opinion an excellent work on xenology albeit set on earth. I enjoyed this and the two s [...]

    20. This series has to be the best depiction of alternate biology, and consequences of such differences to human biology, in the genre. Heinlein has meticulously depicted a dinosaur, life-sciences based society and contrasted it with our evolution towards a technologically based society. Contrasting solutions found by the clash of these two races is fascinating. All three books in the series are equally good. A classic.

    21. A really cool example of "speculative fiction:" What would the world be like if the dinosaurs hadn't died out? In this case, it's the dinosaurs who have the technology (all based on genetic manipulation) and "civilization," and humans haven't passed beyond hunter-gatherers.

    22. I loved this alternate-world series. The basic premise, that dinosaurs and humans evolved in parallel on the earth, is highly original. The adventure story that evolves from that premise, and the intertwined nature of both societies, is fascinating.

    23. This is a good read about an alternative world where the dinosaurs were not wiped out by a meteorand gives a very good story of what might of occurred if a form of saurian achieved intelligence before meeting mammels with intelligence

    24. i have no clue why did i take this book from the library's shelfe. my suspicion is that i've thought first it's about parallel world but in fact i'm reading so-so fantastic called genre about stupid people and advanced dinosaurus. boring actually

    25. I read this book initially at ge 16. it struck a chord in my blossoming curiosity of life and religion science and politics. I appreciate it enough to plan to one day own an iguana deserving of the name Vainte (I already had a turtle named Fargi)

    26. A life where dinosaurs rule while plants and animals are machines and humans are pets. This series took me away into a world of wonder. I ate it up and wanted it never to end. I passed along the series countless times. Fun an whimsy.

    27. A real breakthrough in imagination. Although there are loose ends which I thought might be leading to another book or two.

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