Billy Bones: Tales From The Secrets Closet

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Billy Bones Tales From The Secrets Closet Will be shipped from US Used books may not include companion materials may have some shelf wear may contain highlighting notes may not include CDs or access codes % money back guarantee

  • Title: Billy Bones: Tales From The Secrets Closet
  • Author: Christopher Lincoln Avi Ofer
  • ISBN: 9780316014731
  • Page: 199
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. The Bones family is in charge about the secrets in the closet until a family moved in the house. Bones family was trying to keep them away from the closet. The bone family are always worried about them the humans that they would find out about the closet. Billy bones didn't really care about it but their parents did. But Billy still needed to take care of the closet because he was responsible for it. Billy didn't really want to disappoint his parents so he took care of it. Barely heard footsteps [...]

    2. Lincoln, Christopher Billy Bones: Tales from the Secrets Closet, pgs 284 Little Brown and Co. Language-G, Sexual Content-G, Violence G.This book starts out with a silly "Guide to the Afterlife" which starts the chuckles off right away. The main story is about a skeleton named Billy Bones, his parents, one Sir Barkley Braggety Biglum VI, Miss Primly, Sir Barkley Braggety Biglum VI niece, Millicent, a kind old lady, and a ghost and the Grim Reaper. A cute little story a lot like Tim Burton's claym [...]

    3. I enjoyed the fun writing & verbiage here; I saw another review where someone complained that the writing was too boring or drawn out to be read aloud, and this may be so (it happens, especially if you're reading a book to someone quite young), but to me it was a charming style. Like another reviewer, I thought the slightly unusual descriptive writing lifted this book a little above some of its peers in the supernatural juvie fiction genre (which is getting pretty full).It turns out this is [...]

    4. Comencé la historia sin muchas expectativas ya que no sabía nada del libro ni de la saga ni de nada pero la verdad es que lo terminé disfrutando ❤La trama se centra en Billy, un niño esqueleto quien vive con sus papás en el clóset de los secretos de una gran mansión victoriana. Ahí, Billy pasa sus días soñando con ser un pirata. La (no)vida de Billy da un giro de 360° cuando la sobrinita del amo de la mansión queda huérfana y es acogida a regañadientes en la casa. La niña, que r [...]

    5. Billy Bones is a skeleton living in the skeleton’s closet of High Manners Manor, home of the obsessively greedy, Sir Barkley Braggety Biglum VI. Billy’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Bones, file and maintain all household secrets. Allowing a secret to escape can be explosive! Billy can’t wait till he’s trusted to begin training to become a secret’s keeper himself. What he doesn’t know, is that some of those closely guarded secrets are his own.After the death of her parents, Sir Biglum’s ni [...]

    6. Billy Bones lives with his family, "the skeletons in the closet" in the Biglum mansion. For the most part, they are a happy family, relegated to keeping the family secrets--and the Biglums have plenty. Children who see the cover will want to read the story because of the skeleton on the cover, but the tale here is more of a mystery than a ghost story. The current Biglum in charge at the mansion has fallen on hard times and has "adopted" his newly-orphaned niece Millicent whose mother had disgrac [...]

    7. A delightful middle grade read that has a Roald Dahl meets Beetljuice feel to it, Billy Bones follows a family of skeletons charged with keeping the secrets of the rotten human family dwelling within the house where they live in a secret closet. Of course, not everyone in the Biglam family is rotten, least of all Millicent, the recently orphaned little girl who has been in the care of her most rotten uncle. Millicent reminded me of Maltida (from the Dahl book of the same title). She's the kind o [...]

    8. This book was adorable. It was perfect to read during the Halloween season, due to its connections with skeletons and ghosts but not scary. The lighthearted tone added to its themes and lessons learned. One of my favorite parts of this book was the fact that the skeletons worked in "secrets closets", which tied into the modern saying "skeleton in the closet." From the exciting and happy adventures of Billy and Millicent to the much deeper lessons of people's souls and morals, this book had it al [...]

    9. Billy Bones is a decent book and I would read it again if I had the chance to. One reason it just wasn't to good was because at the beginning everything was so confusing and the story really didn't get to explaining it in a good amount of time. The rest of the book was a lot better though, and the action in the book was pretty constant and it purely entertained me. I love the lessons it teaches, because it teaches us not to lie or your future may have a bad taste and keeping secrets can be good, [...]

    10. Pensavo di meglio, e mi ha delusa. Non so se mi aspettassi una favola o una storia un po' più sul dark ma divertente, so che mi sono ritrovata con un racconto che parte con delle idee carine e originali ma che, a mio parere, sono sviluppate in modo noioso. Leggo spesso e volentieri libri per bambini, e questo proprio non l'ho retto. Ce la faranno i bambini a divertirsi nella lettura?? Chissà.

    11. una storiella light-gothic che potrebbe essere stata generata dalla mente di Tim Burton. Non e' semplice definire il lettore target: dall'appena adolescente all'adulto che ricorda senza vergogna di quando tanti anni prima, in una casa grande e, possibilmente, di legno, udiva nella notte i rumori piu' vari, quasi tutti provenienti dall'armadio . La scrittura necessita di maturazione e di "osare" un po' di piu'.

    12. This was entertaining. I thought it had somewhat of a fairy tale quality. There was kind of a lesson in it about good and bad. The illustrations were charming. However, like many books, the ending was a bit, "And they all lived happily ever after" which can be disappointing. It is really easy to make you endings like that. I'm not saying I like sad endings, but just more realistic ones.

    13. Fun little mystery about a skeleton who lives in a closet (where else) with his parents the secret keepers. It's a rather dull existance for Billy until a girl named Millicent comes to live with her mean and greedy uncle Mr. Biglum at High Manners Manor.

    14. I tried to read this to my daughter but it was so boring I couldn't finish it. The story line is good. I think the problem is the writing. This book is 287 pages long but it should only have been about 150. There is just too much verbiage in this book and as a result it waters down the story.

    15. A clever story about the skeletons who live in your closet, and keep track of your secrets and lies. Billy Bones lives with his skeleton parents in a closet of a mansion, but he never suspects that his parents are hiding some pretty big secrets of their own.

    16. Billy Bones lives with his skeleton parents in a secret closet in High Manners Manor. His parents have the very important job of filing all the lies and secrets of the Biglum family. Billy's adventure begins when he meets Millicent, Mr. Biglum's niece.

    17. The book that I have been reading is Billy Bones the arthur of the book is Christopher Lincoln. I would say that this book is fiction because it is about a skeleton boy that his name is Billy. The main character is Billy, the setting is sometimes at his house or other places.

    18. Some clever word play and original concepts help lift this a little above normal middle-grade fiction. I particularly like how the villain got his comeuppance in the end. heh heh.

    19. It was cute but nothing special. The cover is what pulled me in. A bit of adventure but nothing new. Loved the drawings throughout the book.

    20. This was way to lame of a story. Loved the thought of skeleton's hiding secrets but was let down by the plot and other characters.

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