The Twins' Blanket

One of School Library Journal s Best Picture Books of 2011These look alike twins have always shared everything their room, their toys, a crib, and, since the day they were born, a blanket But as they grow into new beds, they need new blankets, too Now they face a new dilemma they don t know how not to share.Told from the perspective of two five year olds, The Twins BlOne of School Library Journal s Best Picture Books of 2011These look alike twins have always shared everything their room, their toys, a crib, and, since the day they were born, a blanket But as they grow into new beds, they need new blankets, too Now they face a new dilemma they don t know how not to share.Told from the perspective of two five year olds, The Twins Blanket playfully illuminates squabbles and affection between young siblings Yum s minimalistic art astutely captures these twins emotions as they toss, turn, and tug their new and old blankets and embrace their growing independence.
The Twins Blanket One of School Library Journal s Best Picture Books of These look alike twins have always shared everything their room their toys a crib and since the day they were born a blanket But as they

  • Title: The Twins' Blanket
  • Author: Hyewon Yum
  • ISBN: 9780374379728
  • Page: 191
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. I had mixed feelings about this one. On the one hand, I appreciated the honest portrayal of a sibling relationship and that the twins fought sometimes and wanted to have their own separate identities -- yet still were close and needed one another. The ending was very sweet. But, on the whole, I'm not sure I really enjoyed the book all that much. I did like how the mom (view spoiler)[incorporated the original blanket into the new blankets :->(view spoiler)[ (hide spoiler)] (hide spoiler)]

    2. Identical twin girls are just turning five, and having shared everything all their lives, both of them seek a little independence. When the blanket they have slept under is too small to cover both of them comfortably, their mother has them select material and makes two blankets, using part of the fabric from the old blanket. One chooses yellow fabric and one selects pink, but when the blankets are finished, and the girls lie in their own twin beds, both reach out to touch the other's hand for co [...]

    3. This is a sweet tale about growing older and becoming more independent, along with the anxiety of separation from things that are comfortable and familiar. The narrative is short and the illustrations are adorable. I loved seeing how the girls were still able to have a part of their past, while still embracing their 'grown up' future. We enjoyed reading this book together. This story was selected as one of the books for the December 2012 - Warm Quilts and Soft Mittens reads at the Picture-Book C [...]

    4. Finally another contermporary book about Korean children came out. The color of Korea was not mixed with Japanese or Chinese colors/prints/patterns etc in this book which brought my childhood memory as well. This part, it is contrasting with the book like Goyangi Means Cat in which prints and colors are little bothersome-- beautiful but not quite culturally pseudo. Universal theme in twin sisters and their riverly and sibling friendship are delightful. I will keep my eye on Hyewon Yum who is sup [...]

    5. I haven't seen very many picture books about twins, and so it was a delight to come across this one. Twins are such a unique experience in growing up, and the idea of having to share everything is a difficult concept, especially when small. The solution for who gets the blanket that both girls have always shared is clever. But even moreso, is the way the twins look out for each other when it matters most. I liked this book.

    6. Two twin girls have shared everything all their lives. One of their favorite things, and one of the things they shared all their lives is a blanket. Now the girls are five and the blanket is too small for both of them. This poses a problem for the girls.“But we are big girls now.I’m already five.I’m five, too. We’re twin sisters, remember, silly?The blanket has gotten too small for both of us.”

    7. Hyewon Yum did an excellent job of creating the voice for the twin girls and their voice is what makes this story works. I appreciated the subtle and more straightforward differences between the two girls, this is important for twins and other siblings close in age. However, I also found that having a piece of the old blanket passed on into the new blankets was a nice way to show that the twins will always be connected and share similarities in addition to their differences.

    8. Two twins, who've shared a blanket since they were born, outgrow it. A sweet story about the competition between siblings and becoming independent.

    9. Sniff. What a sweet, simple story about growing older and taking the first step from being independent from your siblingrt of. :) I love the voice of a child as presented in this book.

    10. Not every child has a twin, but most kids can identify with having a beloved blanket or moving to a new bed. And they will all like this story.

    11. I love the back and forth between these twins and the way certain pictures add something special not always shown in the text.

    12. The twins are growing up. They no longer want to share their blanket. Mom makes them each their own, but uses their old one, cut in half, to trim the new blanket so they each get part of it.

    13.'s my sister and I. I remember fighting over our blankets/beds. The good 'ol days. This was a very good book.

    14. These twins are so much like my own twin boys! They fight and get along the same ways. I loved that connection. Very sweet book!

    15. The Twins’ Blanket by Hyewon Yum (Baker’s Dozen Book)Plot Summary and Personal Response: This story is about two young twin girls that share and do absolutely everything together. They share toys, blankets, a bed, etc. Most often they fight over these things as well because there is always only one of each thing. Eventually, their mother decides that they are old enough to have their own blankets and makes them for their own beds. The girls realize at the end that they miss being with each o [...]

    16. My Review:1. This book received the Charlotte Zolotow Award and the Capitol Choices Noteworthy Titles for Children and Teens.2. This book is suitable for grades k-2.3. This book is about these two five year old twins that share the same bed and blanket. However, they're getting too old and big so they now have to sleep in their own separate twin sized beds and they're both arguing about who gets the use the blanket to sleep. The mother decides to come up a solution and make them both two new bla [...]

    17. Plot: The Twins Blanket is a very simple sweet story about the bond that twin girls share. They do not completely understand this bond at the beginning because they are focused on who is better and who is first and so on. By the end of the story, because they are now 5, they are too big to share their bed and blanket so their mom gets them twin beds because they are twins! Their mom also sews them new blankets when they go to bed that night they both feel sad and scared they reach out for each o [...]

    18. This book is about look-alike twins who share everything. They share toys, clothes and a room. They have also shared the same blanket since they were born. They are growing up so they no longer both fit underneath the same blanket, this becomes a problem. They both think they should have the blanket and they fight over it. Their mom finally decides they they should both have separate bed and she is going to make a new blanket for both of them. One decides to make her blanket out of yellow fabric [...]

    19. Yum, H.(2011). The twins' blanket. Hong Kong: D&M Publishers Inc. It is a short story about a set of twin girls that share everything. They have shared the same bed and blanket since they were really little. Now they are five years old and too big to share the same blanket/bed. Their mother now thinks that it is time that the girls have twin beds and their own blankets. She takes them to the fabric store to pick out fabric for their new blankets. They pick opposite colors. One picks yellow, [...]

    20. “My Two Grandmothers” is the story of young Lily who has two very different grandmothers. Grammy lives in the country and has just about as many traditions as Bubbe who lives in the city. From holiday celebrations to day-today outings, snacks to meals and everything in between. Together, they give Lily a rich family background that she eventually wants to share between both Grandma’s! This story is a great compare-contrast read along for young readers. It uses lots of different descriptive [...]

    21. I am a twin, so of course I found this book, illustrated with mixed media, really special. Growing up, twins often need to share things, and in this story, the 5-year-olds share a blanket. Mommy sews two new blankets when the girls are old enough to have twin beds, and while they find it hard to fall asleep at first, they are successful in the end!(K-3, with a mid-year 1st grade reading level).Meets ALA 21st century standard 1.2.7: Display persistence by continuing to pursue information to gain [...]

    22. Growing up as a non-twin, wishing and hoping that somehow my long lost twin would appear, I loved reading this book about two adorable twins. This book is about twin sisters, who once shared everything, have now outgrown the ability to share one blanket a night. They feel competitive towards one another during the process of creating two, new separate blankets to put on their new twin beds. Sibling competition is such an interesting thing. It seems as though everyone, twin or not, experiences th [...]

    23. Text to self:I related to this book because I had items I had to share with my sister growing up. We had a Super Nintendo that we both wanted to play all the time. Although my mother wasn't able to get another gaming system for us to use, we had to learn how to share it. I enjoyed how the twins each got a new, different pattern for their new blanket, and how they learned to sleep in their own beds.Text to text:This book relates to "Sharing Time" by Elizabeth Verdick. This book gives toddler's wa [...]

    24. This is a sweet story about twins who have always shared a bed and shared a blanket. Now they are getting bigger and their blanket just isn't big enough for both of them. The older sister (by 3 minutes) thinks it should be hers, but the younger sister disagrees. Mommy decides to make them each a blanket. One will be yellow with flowers. The other will be pink with birds and flowers (leading my two oldest to argue over which one was better). A realistic portayal of both the small arguments that s [...]

    25. This story tells the tale about two Korean American look-alike twin sisters. They share everything they have especially their favorite striped blanket that they have had since they were first born. As they are getting older their beds and the blanket are getting too small to share. They fight and bicker about it until the mom decides to make new blankets. They finally move into their new beds, but they are unable to sleep unless they hold hands.This multicultural picture book doesn't go quite as [...]

    26. A pair of identical twin girls have always shared everything, including their blanket. But the blanket has gotten too small to cover two five-year-olds, and they squabble about who should have their blanket. Mommy says that she will make new blankets for the twins, and each twin is allowed to pick out fabric for her blanket. They're thrilled with the blankets, but not so much with the twin beds! Good story of the bonds shared by twins, and lovely illustrations. The author was born in South Korea [...]

    27. Text to text connection- this story reminds me of another book on my bookshelf, Ling and Ting, since both books have twins as the maim charactersRemembering- what object did the girls share since they were babies?Understanding- resell the storyApplying- how would you solve the twins' blanket problem?Analyzing- what evidence can you find to show the twins' differences?Evaluating- why was it better that the twins each got a brand new blanket?Creating- how would you rewrite the selection from the m [...]

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