True Things About Me

One ordinary afternoon in a nameless town, a nameless young woman is at work in a benefits office Ten minutes later, she is in an underground parking lot, slammed up against a wall, having sex with a stranger.What made her do this How can she forget him These are questions the young woman asks herself as she charts her deepening erotic obsession with painful, sometimesOne ordinary afternoon in a nameless town, a nameless young woman is at work in a benefits office Ten minutes later, she is in an underground parking lot, slammed up against a wall, having sex with a stranger.What made her do this How can she forget him These are questions the young woman asks herself as she charts her deepening erotic obsession with painful, sometimes hilarious precision With the crazy logic and hallucinatory clarity of an exhilarating, terrifying dream, told in chapters as short and surprising as snapshots, True Things About Me hurtles through the terrain of sexual obsession and asks what it is to know oneself and to test the limits of one s desires.
True Things About Me One ordinary afternoon in a nameless town a nameless young woman is at work in a benefits office Ten minutes later she is in an underground parking lot slammed up against a wall having sex with a

  • Title: True Things About Me
  • Author: Deborah Kay Davies
  • ISBN: 9780865478541
  • Page: 284
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. This book is certainly a hard, hard hitter. I would say, trigger warnings for rape, abuse, abusive relationships, isolation and violence. However, if these things aren't triggers for you, and you want to learn about just how terrifying it could be to unwillingly step into an abusive relationship and find yourself unable/unwilling to leave, this could be a book for you.This is the second book I've read by this author so I knew going into it that I was going to like her style becuase I also loved [...]

    2. This book sweeps you away much like the main character, a woman working in a benefits office, is carried off into another state (or states) by her sexual contact and subsequent obsession with a claimant at the dole office. On first meeting they have sex in the car park, and from then on her ‘normal’ life falls to pieces as she pursues the purely sexual relationship with the ex-criminal (we’re not told what crime he has committed but he is violent to her, steals her car). We feel sometimes [...]

    3. I am a little disorientated.You see, Deborah Kay Davies picked me up and pulled me into the mind of another woman. I couldn't quite understand her, her circumstances, her emotions, her actions, but I cared, and I wished that I could.And now I am back. Moved, puzzled, disturbed, still asking questions, and not quite able to let go.She worked for the DWP. Dealing with the public. A soul-destroying job. She must the worst side of human nature rather more often than the best.She saw a man. An ex con [...]

    4. True Things About Me may be cleverly written, daring, raw, honest - the usual praise critics shower over authors who step outside the box to shock us, but I found the content far too confronting and disturbing to consider any of that.Now that has nothing to do with the author and everything to do with my limitations as a reader but I make no apologies - from what I've heard of Wuthering Heights, I'll be steering clear of that one too, even if it is a classic.I found the blurb misleading, "This i [...]

    5. I give this book five stars for the quality in writing but two stars for the absolutely terrible character development. Sure, yes, it was beautifully written, the descriptions were great, the idea was good but I just couldn't see past the characters. Or lack there of for that matter.I feel like I never got to actually know anything about Deborah Davies' unnamed heroin. There was no character development, there was no growth, there was almost no backstory so I felt like I wasn't able to connect w [...]

    6. This book was like watching a slow train wreckIt was bad and then more BAD!I stopped reading it on the 6th chapter and then jumped to the last chapter to see if this Brit gal ever snaps out of it.Hmmmmmmmmmmm what a waste of 45 minutes I spent.1 star!P.S. I liked the bacony kisses reference on pg. 48!I want to experience bacony kisses. :x

    7. What a strange book! It had a lot of potential - but it just felt like snippets of a story, rather than the whole thing, which made it hard to sympathize with the main character's bad life choices. I didn't feel that I knew her enough to care.Surprisingly, I didn't mind the lack of quotations for dialogue - It made it seem more like diary entries or something.

    8. I heard about this on John Mullan's Culture Show special for World Book Night and was intrigued by what they had to say. In particular, I was interested in the way they all seemed hugely impressed with it, and yet also that there was something not quite right about it.This novel has been called 'The Bell Jar' for the 21st century. I know the 'Bell Jar' apostles out there are having trouble with this comparison but, personally, I think this is a really apt and useful comparison. The narrative is [...]

    9. This book is disturbing but engrossing - It charts the descent of a seemingly normal woman into an obsession with a very unsuitable man whom she meets by chance but whom over the course of a few (often abusive) meetings manages to suck her in and destroy all the good things in her life - her reputation, her friendships, her job and ultimately her self-worth. It is an uncomfortable read in as much as it shows in some ways how easy it is to sit on a very fine line between sanity and insanity and h [...]

    10. I came across this book on my creative writing course as the writer had also attended the same course. An excerpt was given as an example of an unusual writing style. From that excerpt I wanted to read more.I liked the way that the book was written as it was an unusual style and leant itself to making me feel in tune with the character and feel her panic and how things were running away with her.The story itself is about a woman who is getting involved with a man who she really shouldn't be. Eve [...]

    11. There is nothing I love more in a novel than well developed characters; unfortunately there were none here. The man was a stereotype. The woman wasn't given any redeeming qualities that would allow me to at least pity her. I wish I'd been given the opportunity to know her because I'd have spent the book connected and sobbing instead of detached and uncomfortable. I also found several parts of the novel unrealistic. This guy who doesn't know anything about her randomly showing up at her grandmoth [...]

    12. There are some phrases in this book that are just perfect. Like:"I began to feel the soggy, sluggish, melancholy feeling early evening can give you."or"Outside the rain fell in a Monday-morning way, straight and never-ending."But generally reading this book is like being inside a long nightmare. It's unsettling and nonsensical and dark and upsetting, and I am glad I finished it so that now I can get it out of my house.

    13. This book came highly recommended from a reliable source but all I wanted to do was slap her the whole way through. The best part was the last page where she finally takes control. Very disappointing.

    14. Mesmerising,intense, disturbing, scary at times. Witty protagonist/ narrator. Clever and well written.

    15. I really enjoyed, and was rather creeped out by, Deborah Kay Davies' latest book, Reasons She Goes to the Woods. I therefore picked up True Things About Me during an AbeBooks sale, and ended up enjoying it even more. I was pulled in quite quickly, and found that Davies really gets into the minds of her characters. True Things About Me is a focused character study; there is plot here, and a lot of it is violent, but it is, above all else, about the way in which the female victim copes - or does n [...]

    16. First book for 2017! Yay. Been a while since I wrote a book review or heck, even finished a book, since I started working so I'm glad I finally put one in the bag. I bought this one a couple of months ago since the seller mentioned that the book has been compared to Sylvia Plath's The Bell Jar--which has always been one of my favorite books. Although this one offers less depth for the main character as The Bell Jar's Esther Greenwood, it still descends into enough madness that you're drawn in as [...]

    17. True Things About Me by Deborah Kay Davies is a novel about a self-destructive young woman. The unnamed protagonist is an intensely self-involved and unstable woman who becomes involved with a man she meets in the benefits office where she works. It's a terrible relationship with a dangerous man, and both her parents and her best friend are unable to keep her from seeing him. Her behavior becomes increasingly erratic as the novel progresses and it's clear that she's even less in control of herse [...]

    18. An uncomfortable read at times, but a skillful depiction of an unreliable narrator going through a severe crisis. It is a book of "adult" themes as a young woman's life spirals out of control with her relationship with a bad lad and the reader is a passenger in what at times feels like a slow motion car crash.The structure works well, short sharp chapters each headed with a statement about the heroine "A true thing about her" which is then referenced somewhat obliquely by the events of the chapt [...]

    19. When I first finished this book I wanted to collect my thoughts together as I felt that I had been left with a multitude of feelings about it and I was having trouble gathering them all together. I wrote down everything that came into my head and revisisted it few days later. Here is what I wrote: disturbing, humorous, obsession, abuse, non-functioning, care, love, worry, friendship, concern, free-falling, depression, nervous breakdown.I found this book to be a fast-paced page-turner about a ver [...]

    20. This is a compulsively readable book. I hadn't meant to read the whole damn thing on my phone this morning, but I did. At 161 pages, it's a fast read and like a horrible highway accident, I couldn't look away. The narrator is never named, in fact no one in this book is named except Alison and Tom, her co-worker and friend and her husband. The narrator of this book works at some sort of government welfare/benefits office (this is a British book) and meets a man newly released from prison when she [...]

    21. It's appropriate that this book has "Me" in the title. It's primarily a first-person introspective of a young woman going through an existential crisis of confidence. It was interesting, almost like reading a personal journal.This is true girlie stuff: insecurity, hating your appearance, self-loathing, consumed by the opinions of others. The author did a great job of putting you in the shoes of a girl going through these difficult emotions. You feel the lead character buckling because of her lac [...]

    22. Fuuuuuuucccckkkklemme collect my thoughts for a minute.Whew.OkThis is a simple read, but a hard one. The chapters are short, there's even a healthy dose of black humor. There were times that I found I could read on and on and relate wholeheartedly to the main character (she's never given a name, btw) but there were other times that I was so disgusted by what was occurring that I just had to collect my bearings and walk away from her for a bit. This book is disturbing but engrossing, you're immed [...]

    23. Sexual obsession as an awakening can be life-affirming.Or not. This would be an example of "Or Not". It was disturbing with just enough "f*ck-you-Bridget-Jones" humor to keep me turning the pages, despite the nausea-inducing, -here we go again!- Single Gal Goes Crazy Plot.I'll seek out more work by this author because her talent is promising and the tale was told in a gripping fashion that left me woozy after I finished it. 'Twas one of those books about craziness that makes you feel warped and [...]

    24. When it comes down to it, this disturbing book, though it prompted a load of contrasting thoughts/opinions, was well-written and an enjoyable read, so it's well worthy of a four out of five.That said, a lot of things irked me about this book. It did prompt thoughts in the reader (me included, and I class myself as a pretty rational person though at points by this book made to wonder whether I should be more passionate and impulsive) about striking a balance in our lives between doing what feels [...]

    25. From the beginning the author plays with the reader's feelings. On the one hand, here's a silly and self obsessed girl who over emotes about a casual fuck. Woman, get a grip and move on. On the other hand, the sense of developing menace makes you worry for the frivolous and vulnerable girl and hope that with her family and friends she finds the strength to stop the descent which is overwhelming her.Ths is Bridget Jones without the laughs. But the charming bastard who turns her life upside down i [...]

    26. I bought this because of the blurb "The Bell Jar for the 21st century".It does not really live up to that expectation. The story told in first person shows a young woman struggling with self confidence and direction in life, perhaps suffering undiagnosed mental illness, who is sucked in to a one sided sexual affair with a man she knows almost nothing about. The man seems abusive and secretive, and as the story carries on his behaviour deteriorates.Davies shows amply how a person lacking in empat [...]

    27. To me, this is the story of a young woman who has two conflicting desires fighting to the death inside her. At times, it is uncomfortable. Others, it is infuriating. And still, at times, sympathy invoking. You will find humor, idiosyncrasies, and twisted imagery on most of its pages.This book is full of abuse. Emotional, physical, self-abuse, substance-abuseyou name it, it's got it. Which brings me to what I did not like about it. I found myself wanting to shake this girl by the shoulders and sc [...]

    28. Still not sure what I thought about this one - the cover says "The Bell Jar for the twenty-first century" but it's more Nine and a Half Weeks really! The un-named protagonist works in a benefit office and is attracted by a customer in the waiting room: they have rough sex in the underground car park (my days at the office were never like this!) and her destructive obsession with him starts. This is a real car crash of a read - the lower she goes, the more she alienates friends and family, the mo [...]

    29. I couldn't put this book down. The narrator is a young woman with a job, a house, car and a few friends. One day at work, she meets a claimant who has just come out of prison. When she finishes work, he is waiting outside and grabs her to the underground carpark an they end up having sex. This is the beginning of a downward spiral.She doesn't know this man and she has just had sex with him. She wants to see him again and although she can sense quite early on that he isn't the kind of man she sho [...]

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